California here we come


The golden state by name and nature,

California is symbolic of the American dream – the Golden Gate bridge, Santa Monica Pier, the Hollywood Sign. The metropolis cities of Los Angeles, San Fran and San Diego are each unique yet quintessentially Californian – you’ll be pushed hard to pick places to visit so we have done the homework for you.

Discover the best bits of the state famed for movies and wine.

Santa Monica Pier


The iconic ending to a typical Route 66 trip, Santa Monica Pier is in a different league to Blackpool Pier. Built in 1908 it still has fairground rides, a ferries wheel, seafood restaurants and fun beachbars all popular with A-list celebs and movie stars. Step across onto the boardwalk and go for a stroll along the beach nestling the Pacific Ocean. Grab a bench for people watching you never know who you might see.




You’ll have heard of Monterey county from the tasty Monterey Jack cheese which originates from the area. Big Sur and Carmel are popular places to visit Monterey is a beautiful paradise that boasts seafood restaurants, vineyards, an aquarium and gift shops. A great stop over if your whizzing down the Pacific Coast on a road trip. The locals love a party so check out the events guide before you go.

Orange County

Do you remember being jealous of the luck of the kids on MTV show Laguna Beach? Well although they have flown the nest, Orange County is still there and should be on anyone’s list to tick off while visiting California. Snaking coastline beaches, vibrant nightlife and of course shopping, the OC is home to Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm so you can get away with acting like an 8 year old again.


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