Must-see places to visit in 2017


Spread your wings a little further next year and visit the top five places for 2017

There’s only such many of the ‘norm’ Spanish Costa holidays anyone can take before the lookey-lookey men and endless walks up and down the resort strip get a little boring. So, dust off the backpack – there’s a big world out there and lots to be discovered – check out these must-see places to visit for 2017.

  1. Canada


Top of the list of top 10 places to visit according to Lonely Planet is Canada. Yep the nation that brought us Celine Dion and maple syrup is the second largest in the world and celebrates its 150-year anniversary next year. You’ll get a great exchange rate due to the weakened Canadian dollar plus from the Arctic circle to the American border, Canada is bursting with vibrant cities, wildlife, sports, scenic landscapes and bi-culture of American, English and French influences.


2. Colombia


You are probably a bit surprised Colombia made it on this list as its usually on the list of top 10 countries overrun with drugs and crime. Not anymore. This South American gem is quickly becoming a hot spot for travellers of all types whether its travelling with the basic essentials or bringing an entourage. Colombia boasts a rich and colourful hispanic culture but it is its natural beauty that are its best assets – the Amazon rainforest, Andes mountains and unspoilt coastlines just to name a few.


3. Finland


Bet you didn’t know that your old Nokia mobile phone was made in Finland. The Finnish are a unique culture, a population of around the same as Scotland but they are very passionate about their nation. Finland offers a lot more than vodka and Lapland – in 2017 there will be many celebratory events to mark the Scandinavian countries independence from Sweden and Russia. A new stunning national park will open and the World Figure Skating Championships and Nordic World Ski Championships will be hosted in Finland.

4. Dominica


Where? I thought that too. Dominica is a small Carribean island sitting just south of Martinique. Nicknamed the ‘nature isle of the Carribean’ for its unspoilt, natural beauty Dominica has stunning wildlife, volcanic peaks, rainforests (one of which is a UNESCO world heritage site) not forgetting the colourful history and culture of the locals. Untouched by large hotel group chains, the island currently has a low tourism profile – however they are not far away. Get there before they do.


5. Nepal

Don’t worry you don’t need to trek up a mountain on the back of a goat. But Nepal is famous for its stunning trekking trails winding through mountainsides, quaint villages and past ancient temples. A must-do for any bucket list, Nepal attracts tourists of all ages and abilities. It may be just in recovery after the devastating 2015 earthquake but the Nepalese culture and spectacular scenery are well worth the visit.


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